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LE500 Test 
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http://fifthgear.five.tv/jsp/5gmain.jsp ... nal+report
MG TF LE500 - final report by Claire Edwards
Car: MG TF LE500
Mileage so far: 5370

* Despite nearly 13,000 miles on the clock (and nearing its 14K service), the N-series engine is still running sweetly.
* It's even managed to win over some sceptical Fifth Gear Online team members, who are quietly impressed by its driving dynamics.
* Top-down motoring in the recent good weather.

Low points

* The poor build quality is starting to show. The driver's door has dropped and, with it, there's an infuriating clunk from the same side. Possible causes are the driver door window jiggling around, or - rather more worryingly - the door isn't shutting properly.

First the good news - I fixed the stereo. OK, so technically it wasn't broken, but in the last report I mentioned that there was a niggling automatic volume level sensor that I couldn't turn off. An email from MG told me that, actually, I could, and, after 20 minutes of scrolling through the menus, I found it. I'll admit that had I thought logically, it made perfect sense that ASL stood for Automatic Sensor Level, but I still maintain that it is one of the most complicated stereos I have ever used.

Sadly, my joy at having the stereo sorted was short-lived, as other things have started to fall apart around me. I've noticed that both doors have dropped - a common problem on old MGs, which could be temporarily fixed by tightening the hinges and realigning the doors.

The driver door has also developed a clunking noise that sounds like the door isn't shut properly, which occurs over bumps and occasionally during motorway driving. Contacting MG was an exercise in pointlessness, as they didn't seem too worried about it. I can only hope the clunk is coming from the window rather than the door: I don't fancy it flying open on the motorway.

On the plus side, I've recently enjoyed some excellent top-down motoring, but I still find it difficult to wholly recommend the LE500. Not only is the interior now dated, but the build quality simply doesn't warrant the asking price.

But if you like the idea of owning an MG, there is some good news. Low-mileage original TFs are going for ridiculous prices at the moment and you can pick up a mint example for around £3,000. Better still is the TF 160, powered by a version of the 1.8-litre K-series and equipped with all the trimmings - large wheels, red brake calipers and leather interior - for around £3,500-4,000. And if you want something more special, 2004 TF 80th Anniversary Edition models, complete with commemorative plaques, will set you back around £4,000.

It has been an interesting few months with our TF and I'll be sad to see it go. Even after driving faster and more modern cars, I've always enjoyed stepping back into the LE500 after a day's work. The LE500 might be as flawed as the TFs of old, but its balance and raw driving characteristics will reward you with some memorable drives.
Just arrived by email as hint on Fith Gear TV from Andrew Philips

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Do 28. Mai 2009, 16:48
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It seems to me that the chinese have learned a lot from their english supervisors concerning the quality standard ;)

So long

Fr 29. Mai 2009, 07:30

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Beitrag Re: LE500 Test
Looks as if they've grabbed one of the early ones ...
I never trust written reviews until I have tested for myself ;)

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Who cares for build quality, when you can drive a car with character? ;)

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Beitrag Re: LE500 Test
As a bit of background to Claire Edwards, she owned a an MGR built TF and loved it and only got rid of the car due to her new job with 5th Gear.

This is her old TF in Sunspot paint.



Di 30. Jun 2009, 14:53

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Beitrag Re: LE500 Test
I like the bit where she says "something special an 80th anniversary model TF" :up:

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Do 2. Jul 2009, 19:01
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